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Now relevant more than ever, the Information Technology industry is exponentially growing. Old industries previously thought of not needing technological assist have become technology-intensive, making them appear like IT companies themselves.

Industry appeal grows irrefutable in light of business necessity. As such, companies catering to IT-specific needs have become en vogue. Enter IT company, WizardsDev.

WizardsDev, A Progressive Global Company

Starting as a team of seven, FinTech Development Company, WizardsDev quickly grew into hundreds of employees and numerous offices internationally, catering to varying IT disciplines such as software development and coding.

WizardsDev is an expansive global holding with its bases in Baku, Boston, Dnipro, Kyiv, Kharkiv, and other major cities.

WizardsDev’s Mission

WizardsDev’s mission is clear: To create and actualize IT solutions for FinTech firms alongside many industries, regardless if these are technologically oriented or not, assist in resolving internal issues, and assist global partners.

WizardsDev’s Services

WizardsDev delivers various FinTech services ranging from intuitive mobile apps for online payment to complex financial solutions platforms through a team of professionals.

Wizardsdev’s FinTech expertise is in-depth, state-of-the-art, and highly sophisticated. Coupled with an efficient customer-oriented methodology, WizardsDev can aid its clients in completing technological transitions. It simultaneously innovates and impressively improves existing financial technologies.

Under its belt, WizardsDev offers:

  • Service PlatformsWizardsDev’s experts are well-versed with platform-based service specifics through their rigorous study of cloud computing services. Through WizardsDev’s team of programmers, customers are allowed to provide, instantiate, run, and manage modular bundles, including computing platforms and several applications, as it does away with complex infrastructure building and maintenance. What WizardsDev comes up with are sophisticated e-trading solutions that simplify trading operations. Additionally, through WizardsDev’s internal training, developers can effectively create and package software bundles, showing how the tech titan truly cares for its professionals.
  • CryptocurrenciesRecognizing how much crypto trading has boomed throughout the decade, WizardsDev is dipping its hands in the crypto game by developing various software in support of digital assets, strengthening its place in FinTech terrain.
  • Blockchain solutionsWizardsDev impressively renders solutions for cryptocurrency ecosystems of varying hash rates, protocols, and niche markets with a team of blockchain developers. WizardsDev’s experts have undergone specialist training to position themselves to become blockchain authorities. Subject to stringent quality assurance and end-to-end testing, WizardsDev’s blockchain outputs bear all significant features, thus coming to par with industry standards rendered with utmost security and necessary restrictions.
  • Android and iOS AppsWizardsDev keeps a team of programmers and application developers erudite in creating innovative solutions to fit daily technological needs. They know the demands of the application market and make no second guesses in coming up with software compatible with both Android and iOS.

Advantages of Working With WizardsDev

WizardsDev offers plenty of venues to sharpen IT professionals’ skills through periodic comprehensive training programs.

DevEducation is one such program.

Incepted by WizardsDev’s core professionals, DevEducation is a program seeking to guarantee employment immediately after graduation.

WizardsDev understands the importance of not only getting a certificate but getting hands-on experience and a paying job in line with one’s specialization. WizardsDev goes through lengths to create and secure competitive course content for people from all walks of life who show interest in any IT discipline, giving them all opportunities to excel in their field of choice.

Apart from participating in lectures and dynamic classroom assessments, learning professionals enjoy hackathons and other development events. WizardsDev’s staff come up with situations simulating real-life IT-related issues throughout training, thus honing the professionals’ skills. Simply put, WizardsDev’s DevEducation secures needed learning experience for learners to become work-ready and industry competitive.

A Community of Learners and Professionals

WizardsDev is a place for like-minded people to find each other and immerse in a culture fostering mutual support wherein professionals and layman learners value varying opinions. Intending to build a community, WizardsDev consistently provides resources to its learners who, in turn, contribute their skills and technical know-how to suffice each member’s technological vision.

Exciting and challenging projects are in abundance in WizardsDev. WizardsDev learners are given plenty to stretch their technological muscles and implement practical solutions to real-life problems. One’s competencies are furthered through WizardsDev’s corporate training, tester and programmer team-ups, implementation of TDD and BDD approaches, and project conduct through Agile methodology.

Learners are free to work on their desired projects. The only thing that WizardsDev secures across all programming, coding, and app development projects is creating working codes checked and Quality Assured through automated end-to-end tests.

WizardsDev’s FinTech Development Services

Trusted by the IT industry’s titans and education institutions, WizardsDev continues to make rounds in the sector to better technologies used by leading financial firms.

WizardsDev had become a reliable FinTech solutions provider lauded by FinTech startups, independent financial private entities, big financial companies, among others.

WizardsDev provides a wealth of finance-related technologies powered by the latest innovations. Among WizardsDev’s many course offerings is its app development content for FinTech businesses.

Without fail, WizardsDev ensures timely delivery of output through its extensive expertise and long industry experience.

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